Yolanda Koumidou describes each one of her poetry collections as expressing unfolding inner landscapes, much like a “public” private journal. She goes on to say, “Poetry is part of my psychic fingerprint. All other work I do, has its source in the insights revealed in the poems that come to me.”

Her two books on psychology and spirituality were inspired by her study of Meher Baba’s teachings and through her 35-year-old career as a psychotherapist in New York City and Long Island. She runs International Retreats for Inner Life Exploration and Transformation in Europe, North America, South America, Africa, Asia and Australia as well as her upstate New York Quietude Retreat Center. Furthermore, she is the Executive Director of the Koumidou Center, LLC, an approved provider by the NY State Educational Department to offer CE approved courses to mental health licensed professionals.

For a complete list of Ms. Koumidou’s Life Exploration and Transformation Retreats and other services, please visit www.psycho-spiritualretreats.com

For the approved CE professional course-work offered through the Koumidou Center, LLC please visit www.koumidoucenter.com

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