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To read a poem in this collection, the poet’s sixth, is to bear witness to that moment of unveiling. It is, possibly, an uncomfortable moment. A dazzling glimpse of what is usually hidden. Or it might be deeply comforting, conveying a premonition, a hint, of unspeakable truth. Seldom are words such gifts.

Each poem here offers a rare chance. For the softening of radical transformation. For the small deaths that make a larger life possible.

For being in between.

163 pages
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Merciless Path

Merciless Path speaks the soul’s predicament; Veiled but present. It describes the soul’s journey through seemingly endless loops, its darkest days – no complaints however, but patience of a big format. These poems speak of a spirituality found daily, where separating the noise from the sound must take place, to find the trail back to God.

81 pages
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Responding to Lonliness and Longing

This small book, borne from a dialogue between two close friends, offers unique answers to two age-old questions: Why am I still lonely? Why does nothing I do sate this longing I sometimes feel? Drawing on Sufi and Christian concepts, the teachings of Meher Baba, the Theory of the Psychology of the Selves, and their own lived experience, Yolanda and Renate take the reader on an unforgettable journey of self-discovery. By journey’s end, the world does not appear the same. A new awareness of the fundamental causes of loneliness unleash untapped inner resources. As the authors have found, the creativity of the heart offers a way to make use of the existential predicament of human longing.

84 pages
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The Diet Know More program goes well beyond the traditional as well as the newest fads and approaches to weight goals…The program provides opportunities for greater physical fitness and emotional balance and increased body-spirit connection. A rigorous process of awareness, acceptance and action that provides results. Hope is alive again.

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The late Greek-Cypriot Nobel nominated poet Costas Montis, wrote about Yolanda’s poetry, “…Her lyrics are flooded with emotion undisturbed by the transparent worries existing in a city like New York.  The poet talks to us with sincerity and the directness and compactness of her verse does not affect its simplicity.”

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My Wavy Life

Poems by Yolanda Koumidou

Cyprus 1974