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To read a poem in this collection, the poet’s sixth, is to bear witness to that moment of unveiling. It is, possibly, an uncomfortable moment. A dazzling glimpse of what is usually hidden. Or it might be deeply comforting, conveying a premonition, a hint, of unspeakable truth. Seldom are words such gifts.

Each poem here offers a rare chance. For the softening of radical transformation. For the small deaths that make a larger life possible.

For being in between.

163 pages
$25 – tax and shipping included within the USA

Merciless Path

Merciless Path speaks the soul’s predicament; Veiled but present. It describes the soul’s journey through seemingly endless loops, its darkest days – no complaints however, but patience of a big format. These poems speak of a spirituality found daily, where separating the noise from the sound must take place, to find the trail back to God.

81 pages
$20 – tax and shipping included within the USA