I was born curious and restless…Constantly noticing, 
wondering, searching, inquiring.

Since very young, answers to ongoing inner questions will appear as short poetic verses which I did not even understand at the time my hand was writing them.  The meaning of many of these poems will come to me much later, often years after the poems were written.  I found this exhilarating, feeding my hungry spirit.

Observations of life’s daily miracles surrounding me and unlimited time in nature have always been  an inspiration.  My Spiritual Connection, however, not only has been opening the greatest inner doorways for poetry to flow through, but It also offers some of the
most profound messages to be relayed through the verses.

Sharing with you many years of recorded answers to my restless curious questions…Let the vibration of the words, spoken and unspoken, expand your spirit and touch the Soul.

Enjoy the Journey